Last night. Fiesole, Italy. 

Assisi, Italy.

Venice, Italy. 

12/10. Christmas dinner!

12/8, Skansen Christmas Markets. Winter wonderland. 

12/07, Stockholm, Sweden. Waking up to Narnia (and Narnian cold). Exploring old town, VEGAN COFFEE SHOP, snow and blue skies forever, catching the sunset at 3 pm. Great night at the Irish Pub, walking home to Christmas tree lights. 

Rome day three. Mass at St. Peter’s, the Pieta, chatting with the Pope in the square. The clouds in Rome are crazy.

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11/29, Rome. Bussed all morning, drank/ate all afternoon, tour of the city by night. Jesuit Church, the Spanish Steps, Trevi, Pantheon. 

#Rome  #Roma  #Italy  #Adventures  

When life gives you bed bugs

you tell those little cimicidae to shove it and buy yourself a really great wheat and sugar brioche with honey inside and a double espresso to go with it and then you kick essay booty and then wear borrowed clothes and go drink unlimited wine at the Christmas Dinner

11/24, last full day a Parigi. Rue Cleur street market, long walk through the park. Exploring Montmarte at night, running drunk to barely make our boat tour.  ”They went that way!” Making it, with a full moon to boot.

11/23, Paris day three. Hugo’s apartment, getting lost in the Marais area, relief in onion soup. Back to the Eiffel Tower, the inside of the Louvre at night. Harry’s New York Bar, home of the International Bar Flies, the Bloody Mary, and Hemingway.

11/22, Thanksgiving in Paris. Tour of the city. The outside of the Louvre, salted caramel hot chocolate, the greater Champs Elysee area, fancy dinner and champagne by the Tour Eiffle. 

11/21. Paris, France. Notre Dame, the Latin Quarter and St. Michel, the Left Bank, accidental Luxembourg Gardens. 

RIP Oxfords, its been real.